DEBORAH SMITH FORD has been a part of the acting world for several decades. Follow her at various sub-categories on this site to see just what roles she has portrayed in the areas of film, TV, celeb lookalikes, and more.

  • FILM Ford has been cast in over 50 film roles, half of which she was either featured, supporting or a principal player. For most of the films, Ford traveled. One location that will remain memorable was traveling to Norway! Enjoy other entertainment projects, by title, at her RESUME page. Seen here is a scene from “Phoenix Falling” co-starring with famous Lesley Staples (“Calendar Girls”). To learn more about Ford and her experiences on and off such film or TV sets, contact her at
  • TELEVISION – as an actress in television has been a part of soap operas, TV commercials, mini-series, educational episodes… One of her best known TV commercials is that of the vitamin supplement CITRACAL (seen here and in video) in which she portrayed Farmer Ford. In addition to working on the commercial she also represented the product on radio, online and on the product’s packaging. Other shows include those seen on the History Channel, Disney, a French mini-series, cell phone ad, skin product ads, a flight instructional video as Trinity, indie films, and more.
  • VOICEOVERS – Ford has voiced many formats requiring a voiceover, as herself, and they include a funeral home TV commercial, CITRACAL, audio book, children’s book CD, and more. Ford’s “voices” include her natural voice and southern accent, and she has been told that her voice comes over well on a mic and teleprompter use thus requiring very little editing!
  • CELEBRITY/CHARACTER LOOKALIKE – “The Matrix” films’ Trinity, Queen of Narnia, “Charlie’s Angel” Sabrina… are but a few of the looks Ford portrays.

Deborah Smith Ford can be reached at